“Strangelove” – and Wicked Gloves

While looking over these websites, I noticed that one track in the “Strangelove” playlist I put together a few months ago had been removed by the band, the Scottish Park Planet – a pity, as it was more than a version thereof, but rather an homage in the shape of a new creation – and so I sought another with which to fill the slot; fortuitously so, as I then found what I needed on the Soundcloud page of a musician, singer, and producer in Seattle who goes by the moniker Wicked Gloves and whose other material also appealed strongly to my ears.

But first things first: that playlist in its new iteration.

Now, for his part, Wicked Gloves specialises in a spooky variety of synthesiser music which he’s baptised with the name of witch pop (or at least I have not come across any such term before), I suspect more for the effect than out of any considered belief. Although by way of elucidating his background hardly any information at all has been provided, yet on his Bandcamp page he placed a first EP, More Than I Can Take, last September, of which the four tracks have also been uploaded on his Soundcloud page; and from the information which is available, it’s clear that he’s performed live on occasion, so it could well happen that Wicked Gloves will take this act on tour beyond Seattle at some point in the near future.

As a foretaste of what he might have in store for his audiences, here are two tracks from the EP.

A sort of gloss evidently on the condition of love-⁠sickness – or is it about a sad leave-⁠taking after a preternatural night just before sunrise? – is the tune “Morning Sickness.”

Unfolding along somewhat similar lines, it seems, though slower in tempo and darker in mood, there is a track entitled “Troubled Mind” – which, no doubt intentionally, terminates quite abruptly.

Lastly, as a pièce d’occasion, this sonic sorcerer has brewed a mixture from the sounds on the radio (“ADDJ Presents Claustrophilia the 3-⁠Minute Mix”), and the result is both funny and potent.