Forestears – the pun, or in fact the set of puns (there’s more than one sort of tear, after all), in the name is itself appealing – is a band in Brighton which began three years ago as a duo and quickly expanded into its present form, comprising Elliot Ellison (vocals, guitar), Dale Jones (lead guitar, vocals), Owen Crouch (bass guitar, vocals), Chris Kirkham (drums), Laurie Carpenter (trumpet), and Will Wells (trombone). Although one of the band’s themes is romance gone sour, and notwithstanding that there’s something wistfully bucolic in some of its numbers, what’s remarkable is how much tremulous joy these six press out of even the darker material, with all the instruments (the trumpet and the trombone are especially noteworthy) complementing one another and the vocalists marvellously. The music that results is exhilarating.

Apart from the numbers included in the Youtube playlist, on the band’s Soundcloud page there are two others to be mentioned.


And “Sane Without Your Name.”