The Work at Last Is Done!

Another Sunday evening’s come, and after several long weeks of work on the websites, I’m happy to announce that both of them are back in order and ready for action again – each now I hope manifesting a visual presence that is distinctive and different, the one imbued with a darker atmosphere, the other an exercise in De Stijl, yet both enticing as conduits for music and what pertains to it, which, after all, remains the raison d’être of this whole enterprise.

I’ve pulled together three tracks from Soundcloud that seem to triangulate the event.

The first is a piano cover of New Order’s “True Faith” by Eric Daniel, a musician in San Diego.

Further afield still, from across the Pacific, comes a memorable remix of “Policy of Truth” by Depeche Mode, by the Auckland sound artist or artists known as West Coast Fruit Company.

The third of the tracks is a long live set of hard industrial music from an evening in April at the Rote Insel club in Berlin by the DJ No Name (other information is unavailable) – interesting even for those who generally eschew the genre.