The Stedelijk is “Open”

Amsterdam’s largest museum of modern and contemporary art, the Stedelijk, opened its doors again today to the public after several years of renovation, and one of the artists participating in the first exhibition, “Beyond Imagination,” is Rory Pilgrim, an Englishman living in the Netherlands, who’s composed a musical work entitled “Open,” which was featured in the official festivities yesterday.

With the beginning of this new chapter, many in the public will be keeping an eye on the museum as an arena of new work – and, on account of the prominence that’s been afforded to Pilgrim, an ear as well; it will be a welcome development indeed if the Stedelijk, much as have the Guggenheim and the Whitney in New York, becomes a patron of note in the commissioning of new music.

Yves Klein, “L’Accord bleu (RE 10)” (1960)