Luiz Henrique Yudo

Luiz Henrique Yudo is a contemporary Brazilian classical composer who’s lived for many years in Amsterdam. Educated in his native country as an architect and in this city at the Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie, the marks of both courses of study may be heard in his compositions – there are quite a few, sometimes of great length (as is the case with “On Phobia,” which premiered last year).

Often his pieces are paired with works of visual art; abstract geometric painting and his music can go well together. And he himself has created visual accompaniments to pieces by Morton Feldman, whom he esteems highly, as with the looped sequence of images entitled “Labyrinth,” meant to be watched while listening to the organ piece “Principal Sound.”

As he notes of his own work on his Soundcloud page, His music can be adapted to many situations.

These are some of the pieces he’s posted there (though one is from another source).

The Maze of Saint-⁠Quentin.”

Ao Metrô.”




And “On Phobia” (the premier of the work on October 9, 2011, in the Orgelpark in Amsterdam, by Michael Bonaventure on the organ).