Ferenc Fehér

In addition to the Tripes and Industrial Wave Studio materials he’s recently uploaded to his own Soundcloud page, Ferenc Fehér has also provided in its entirety a solo project of his from 2000, a fifteen-⁠track album of electronic music entitled Synopse; and while it is clearly an early work (though for this very reason it calls back to mind the new millennium’s techno sound), even after nearly fifteen years it does not feel as though it had dated – which, in our time, after all, is a considerable compliment. In fact, far from being dated, it points forward to his present-⁠day work, for, though these instrumental compositions are not nearly as dark as Tripes’ songs, not to mention those of Industrial Wave Studio, which are still darker, here and there one does hear some sonic adumbrations of the two bands’ more recent music.

Not so much in order simply to stroll back into the past, then, but with the intention of presenting a better overview of this nexus of Hungarian sound artists, three of Fehér’s tracks from Synopse may be recommended.

First of all, “Levitatio.”

Secondly, “Fabula.”

And finally, “Umbra.”