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In Homage to Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove”: A Playlist

It’s late and now time for something fun – in the shape of a playlist devoted to several covers, remixes, and mash-⁠ups of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” which is another of the songs from the nineteen-⁠eighties that twenty-⁠something years later haven’t been left exhausted and mere shadows of their former selves, but rather continue to expand in their appeal, as these various versions, each in its own way a homage (and one of them even represents a new birth from the spirit of “Strangelove,” so to speak), all attest.

In order, these thirteen tracks are the work of – I’ve listed the actual names of the individuals amongst them, whenever these were available, while the links lead either to their Soundcloud pages or to their websites – Vladimir (Beer Sheva, Israel), Kaiser Soze (Sterrebeek, Belgium), Friendly Fires (St. Albans, England), Bat for Lashes (Brighton, England), Sodium Bride (Denver, Colorado), The Assembly (Chicago, Illinois), Ainius Staneika (Vilnius, Lithuania), Jeremy Wall (Oxford, Mississippi), Rick Torres (New York City, New York), Electrometro (Valencia, Venezuela), Analog 80 (Brussels, Belgium), Ferenc Fehér (Kaposvár, Hungary), and Park Planet (Glasgow, Scotland).

Postscript. The cover attributed to Ferenc Fehér alone is the work of one of the bands he participates in, Tripes; apologies for the oversight.