This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud

Tonight’s round-⁠up on Soundcloud begins in the Caribbean, on the coast in the northeastern part of Columbia, on a ranch somewhere in the vicinity of Riohacha, where, with the assistance of the recording technician Gabriel Bocanegra, the language of the Wayúu people was sung and an array of their instruments played by Guillermo Barliza, while the well-⁠known producer, impresario, and founder of his own record label Humberto Pernett applied his skills – especially on the synthesisers – to fashion the material into a crepuscular piece that could well circulate anywhere in the electronic avant-⁠garde music scene throughout the world. The piece is entitled, evocatively, “Ranchería.”

Next we fly northward to San Francisco, where the prolific sound artist Bryce Albright is busy at work on an experimental pop music project by the name of Bosmink; his most recent number, released just today, is entitled “Hummingbird” and in fact it does hum with the sound of telephones being dialled, telegraph machines transmitting the signals, teletypes printing out the messages, etc., all apportioned in a techno-⁠rhythm one could actually dance to – albeit slowly, very slowly, for this tune is subdued in its own dreaminess; it affords us ample time to follow its novel and at times daring juxtapositions of recorded and instrumental noises, while ensuring that its wistful lyrics not be overpowered by the music’s synthetic wizardry.

For tonight’s last track we’ll alight in London. There the lyricist and vocalist Francesca Allen and the sound artist Sam Holloway, collaborating under the moniker Two Silhouettes, have made a measured tune with a moody undertone of bass guitar by Kev Cousins and slightly neurotic cello samples by Anna-⁠Helena McLean, while Holloway adeptly handles the guitar and the tuning forks, and Allen, in a recitative that’s both soft and wise, delivers some striking turns of phrase – “but this is a chess game no one made with you” – in reproving someone else who evidently had converted an intimate relationship into a contest. It’s not surprising that these musicians would demur, as their various parts go well together, and so there’s “No Competition” here.