This Week’s Tracks from Soundcloud

This first Sunday evening of the new year I’m just beginning to fire up the system again, and so today’s round-⁠up will be something like a sound-⁠check: quite summary, as these three mainly non-⁠vocal pieces of music do speak for themselves.

Thanks to a tip by Adam Cuthbért, I came across the musical project Vajra, originated by the New York multi-⁠instrumentalist and singer Annamaria Pinna during a period of time spent in India, whose most recent track, a tenebrous piece of work punctuated with eerie whispering, is entitled “Wavering.”

Next in the line-⁠up is “#001,” a claustrophobic composition from last summer put forward under the name Yaporigami, a beat-⁠oriented music project undertaken by the Japanese electronic sound artist, DJ, and mixing and mastering engineer Yu Miyashita (he divides his time between Yamanashi, due west of Tokyo, and Brighton in England).

Cheerful in contrast is tonight’s last track, a recent composition put out by the Canadian sound artist and photographer in New York, Landon Speers, under the moniker Headaches, and one whose sonic palette is bright but not garish, with some surprising juxtapositions of pitches and timbres. It’s entitled, perhaps as part of a private joke, “Snacks.”