Ben Carey

Ben Carey is a saxophonist, a composer, and a wizard of technology – the specifics of this side of his activity, I must admit, do go over my head, though I can still admire, assess, and appreciate the results – in Sydney who’s also studied at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux. Currently at the University of Technology in his city, he’s pursuing a doctorate focused upon the design and development of interactive musical systems for improvised performance with instrumental musicians, as he writes on his Soundcloud page. And indeed, one of the most fascinating aspects of his work is the notion of extending the role of the computer in the musical process beyond its common functions of registering, recording, reproducing, and reworking sound.

He has no Youtube channel of his own, but elsewhere are videos of performance he has given of works by two young Australian and American composers, Mark Oliviero and Dan Tramte, “Sikinnis” and “Download,” respectively, and these I’ve put together in a short playlist. Yet on Soundcloud and Vimeo channel his work is very abundant.

What follows is a briefer selection of his works – though not so very brief: as I noted with reference to René Baptist Huysmans, it’s hard to be selective when so many of them are so good.



In the Breath.”


Philippe Hurel, “Opcit,” first and second movements (Galerie Lendl, Graz, Austria, February 21, 2009).

Derivations: Improvisation 1 – Tenor Saxophone and MaxMSP.”

Critical Mass.”


Florent Colautti, “The Darling Life.”

Interactive Improvisation Software – Piano and Three Virtual Guitarists.”


Derivations: Improvisation for Saxophone and Interactive Music System.”

Derivations: Piano Improvisation” (June 2011).

Vocal Utterances.”


And Giacinto Scelsi, “Tre Pezzi.”