Angélica Negrón

One of the most active and interesting young composers in New York now is Angélica Negrón, who, with her guest programming for the WQXR radio station and her numerous other projects on the more popular side of the musical spectrum – all in addition to her composing, her doctoral studies at the City University of New York, and her other pedagogical engagements – seems somehow representative of the energy of the emergent generation of classical musicians in various countries. (Of this generation a few have already been featured on this site, and further profiles may be expected; Amsterdam too has its share.)

When she’s not playing the violin or accordion or singing as a member of the band Balún, creating more experimental or ambient music under the title Arturo en el Barco, or participating in the composers’ consortium Circles and Lines (and these three will probably be featured here too in the near future), or collaborating with the experimental theatre ensemble Y no había luz back in San Juan (where she’s from), or composing for films, Negrón must have no time at all on her hands for anything but creating numerous pieces of orchestral music in which less typical instruments are included and computer technology is also utilised, for instance the work “Bubblegum Grass/Peppermint Field,” which had its premiere last year at the Bang on a Can festival.

On the WQXR website there’s an article about Negrón by Daniel Stephen Johnson, which she has commended for its insight; it includes short recordings in which she introduces several of her works.

In addition to the works featured in the Youtube playlist, there’s an interesting one entitled “Fono” on her Soundcloud page.

And on Circles and LinesSoundcloud page two compositions have been uploaded, entitled “Jonas Master” and “Technicolor.”

There are a few other compositions on her Myspace page as well.