Schlaf, wieg’ mich ein, weh’ mich weg, ganz allein
in das Reich meiner endlosen Träume
weh’ mich hinaus, treib’ mich fort, und geschwind
in die weite Welt milder Nächte


Nico (Christa Päffgen, 1938-⁠88) remains a fierce presence even nearly twenty-⁠five years on. Some of the most prominent female singers of today owe quite a bit to her and to facets of her image, whether or not they realise it.

I’ve put up a playlist dedicated to her, which begins with “I’m Not Sayin’” from 1965 and moves forward from there, through songs from around 1970, which are less well-⁠known, and including some live performances she gave later of her hits with The Velvet Underground and of her own numbers, of which the most haunting was and still remains “Reich der Träume,” written for her by Lüül (Lutz Ulbrich), and then concluding with a few noteworthy covers and remixes by other musicians, such as Dirtmusic, Skist, and Trance Groove, whom she hasn’t ceased to inspire.