The Sunday Evening Round-Up on Soundcloud

Sunday evening has rolled around again, and so it’s time once more for a Soundcloud round-up – though not, I hope, of any by now usual suspects.

An older project of the London singer, songwriter, composer, and producer Chris Garland (his current one is The Psychedelic Manifesto), the Diskowal­küren – which comprised, alongside Ilona Bolz-Garland, a number of back-up vocalists, all singing to his and Ralf Kappmeier’s music – may be a thing of the past, but fairly recently on his Soundcloud page he’s uploaded a number of their hitherto unknown tracks, including the quite humorous-ironic “Alles Klar” (though, to be sure, the wit will be mostly lost on those whose German reicht nicht aus):

To many more “accessible” perhaps will be the version by Philip Vachon, a young musician and vocalist in New York, of that old standard of The Velvet Underground and Nico’s, “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” from his second album, </3, which he’s made available on his Soundcloud page – but it is every bit as lovely as the former is witty, with an accompaniment of handclaps that feel like a continuous round of applause and his vocal performance aching with a delicacy that sticks in one’s mind.

As a third piece of music in the mix, rather further afield, in Tokyo, Daisuke Tanabe has uploaded a new track, entitled “Paddle,” onto his Soundcloud page; it’s a composition that glides along to the sound of some pleasantly soft percussion.