Pop Noir

An up-⁠and-⁠coming band based in Huntington Beach, although this fraternal duo, the lead singer Luke and the lead guitarist and producer Joe McGarry, hails from Manchester, Pop Noir has accomplished much the last couple of years with its “we’ll do it ourselves” attitude and some fine hooks; it’s already popped up throughout the Internet in all the expected locales, on Youtube, Myspace, Vimeo, and Facebook, and has begun to perform live with some regularity in and around Los Angeles: at the same time the two, who both are also graphic designers and illustrators (under the moniker of Fantastic Heat Brothers), have paired some of their songs, most recently a very appealing cover of New Order’s “Temptation,” with nicely no-⁠frills yet artful videos which one actually can watch.

I’ve included it in a short playlist along with the video for their first single, “DIY,” self-⁠released on their own label, Fantastic Heat – these Californians by choice do like it hot, don’t they? – and chances are that I’ll be adding others as they become available in the near future – for, according to their Soundcloud page, new music is on the way.

As a foretaste they’ve uploaded a few as yet unmastered tracks onto that page, and it’s promising material; the New Order influence is there in Joe McGarry’s arrangements while his brother has a voice somewhat reminiscent of Lou Reed’s, although often the mother country is still heard in his intonation too.

One song there, “Don’t Fool Yourself,” is quite worth listening to.

Here are two others; first, “In Like a Lion.”

And now “White Jazz.”