Ilpo Jauhiainen

Another instance of an artist and a musician in one is Ilpo Jauhiainen, a Finn who’s lived in a number of cities abroad, notably in London, Tokyo, and Berlin (weeks ago I featured his track “Landwehrkanal”), and who, these days, when not at work in and around Helsinki, remains a frequent traveller, most often to Africa. In his music (on which he currently seems to be concentrating much of his effort) one hears the influences of these various locales arranged in a kinetic collage or as though overlaid in patches, into compositions organised according to a pattern that’s as much visual and even tactile as it is auditory: the particularly graphic character of schematic maps or globes seems to have lent a shape to Jauhiainen’s ventures into the acoustic domain, especially the more recent ones.

If one bears in mind the varied provenance of the different sonic elements he deploys, one might even discern in these sequences the translation of the contiguities of his personal itinerary into the music’s overlapping sonic successions.

More specifically, a comparison may plausibly be drawn between his numbers and the abstract geometric paintings of Odili Donald Odita, with whose works, even before Jauhiainen became acquainted with them – though of course this is one of those analogies that only come to the fore in retrospect – his own already evinced an elective affinity in terms of their form; and as for the feeling they each convey, a similarly luminous-⁠voluminous atmosphere envelops both.

On his Youtube channel he has uploaded several of them, with still images as a visual accompaniment. Although most of these are available on his pages on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, there is one which I should like to include here, “A Scent from Afar,” already several years old though uploaded only recently: it can serve as the kernel for a future playlist, when and if Jauhiainen turns his attention seriously to video as a medium in its own right.

A new album, he has announced on his Facebook page, will appear in the near future, and on his Soundcloud page he’s made available a sample of it as a foretaste, “Rain 2.”

Meanwhile, on his Bandcamp page, from the earlier album Sound Pearls, is the track “Leaving Asmara.”

And from Shimmer and Bloom, the subsequent album – one however that really ought to be listened to integrally – three numbers may be recommended, “Diode to Tokyo” (with Tero Heikkinen on electric guitar), “This World,” and “Shine” (with words and vocals by Adam Ferns).