A New Composition by Rory Smith

Right in the midst of the many post-⁠publication mini-⁠after-⁠activities, the mood here is still rather halcyon and elated – and just now, as though to exemplify an exquisite sense of timing, the English composer Rory Smith, whom I’ve written about before and shall write about again, has uploaded a new composition on his Soundcloud page, which embodies the present state of my sentiment so well that I simply could not resist the temptation to share it. With his predilection for appealing but also obscure graphic symbols, he has entitled it “/╲/\╭ºಠ益ಠº╮/\╱\” – what they are intended to signify, I have not the slightest idea, though perhaps the whole is meant to be taken as some sort of picture – but his considerable musical inventiveness is well-⁠displayed in this work.

Arising with an insistent crescendo of expectancy and its limbs jangling by the end, Smith’s latest piece leaves a listener feeling like one has finished warming up and is now ready for the main event, whatever it may be.