A New Discovery at the New Museum in New York

In the Rosemarie Trockel retrospective at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, a short film of thirteen minutes from 1912 is included, The Cameraman’s Revenge, by the animator and amateur entomologist Władysław Starewicz, whom I had never heard of before. (He was born in Moscow in 1882, and, after the First World War, spent the second half of his life in France.) As there’s something both delicate and slapstick-⁠like about the humour in it, while the musical score is amusing and lightly ironic, it occurred to me that it would not be out of place to feature it here.

(The exhibition itself, though having nothing to do with music it exceeds the scope of this website, is well worth seeing; especially beautiful are Trockel’s ceramic works, such as “Grater 2.”)