Jack Stanton

Another Soundcloud discovery is Jack Stanton, a musician and singer in Oxford, where (judging from the results of a quick Internet search) he’s a student at university; the demo tapes he’s uploaded are a sparkling reprise of the synthesiser pop of the eighties, a present-⁠day homage that’s as dark as much of that music was then. Although the influence is evident in a number of ways, there’s no nostalgia here, but a sweet-⁠sharp edge that makes one think of Depeche Mode in particular; and this similarity is actually quite striking, not only as regards the music but also the singing: in its range and timbre Stanton’s voice recalls Dave Gahan’s, though it perhaps tends a bit further down into the bass-⁠baritone domain.

Thus far there aren’t so many numbers on his Soundcloud page, but I hope that others will soon be added; at present it’s hard to choose some of them to feature, as all of them are musically and vocally very pleasing.

Anyhow, here are four of his songs.


Little Do I Know.”

Keep Off the Roads.”

And “Don’t Worry.”