Upgraded and Updated

Those who’ve been following this website with regularity will have noticed that in the last several days it’s been more of a typographical disaster zone than anything else – although by now the rubble has been largely cleared away.

A brief explanation is in order. While I was very pleased that I could begin to embed the playlists I’ve been assembling on Youtube, this development also left me a bit dissatisfied that due to the narrow format of the main column here numerous videos in the playlists were unable to fit and would therefore not play; and so I started to think about widening it, which, it turned out, it was possible to accomplish if I purchased the custom “cascading style sheet” package: and then after some investigation I decided to take that step. Given the possibilities it affords for a much sharper design of the website (as I also registered its domain name and altered its Internet address – please note the change! – I suppose I can now use the term), possibilities I’ve been exploring these last couple of days, that step turned into a rather long detour.

The newly widened main column also meant, of course, that the size of the typeface could be increased, making the content that much easier to read, and allowing me to utilize some of the graphic characteristics of Musicuratum LP: Large Print here. I may soon phase that sibling site out, sparing myself a certain amount of unnecessary work and thus saving more time to concentrate on the important thing.

At the moment I am working on quite a few new playlists, and I hope to launch them in batches over the next couple of days.

Onwards and upwards.