One of the covers I included in the “Strangelove” playlist is the work of the Hungarian band Tripes, which was once but is no longer (Ferenc Fehér has informed me) a trio, Krisztián Pravda, the lyricist and backup vocalist, having withdrawn from the group some time ago, and whose existence is thus as a duo, the musical arrangements now emerging from a collaboration between Fehér and Marcsingó András, with the latter handling the singing, while Gábor Sperla, though he is not actually a member of Tripes, contributes the lyrics.

What they may intend to do next, in the near future, two of the tracks in the Youtube playlist I’ve put together, “I Find Joy” and “Ruthless,” might be taken as disclosing; while the third, a stunning cover of “But Not Tonight” by Depeche Mode – a band which has inspired them like perhaps no other – is so beautiful that it hurts.

On their Myspace page there’s also a lovely cover of Kraftwerk’s “Telephone Call.”

From the group’s first album, Perfect Beam, available on TripesBandcamp page, a number of tracks stand out, including two Hungarian tunes. (Recently the entire album was also uploaded on Fehér’s Soundcloud page.) Here is “Empty Kingdom.”



And “A szavak értelme.”