The Video Playlists

Soft Riot

Soft Riot is a musical project initiated by Jack Duckworth

Pop Noir

A band from Manchester by way of Huntington Beach

Nikita Quasim

A short playlist of the compositions of Nikita Quasim

Jan Kerckhofs

From Antwerp, Belgium, this singer and songwriter

Hess Is More

Over the last several years, under the moniker

Klaus Nomi

A striking denizen of the New York underground of thirty years ago

Boogie Belgique

It’s a very witty sort of dance music that Boogie Belgique makes

Shan Malaika

Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, she is

Jakub Rizman

With a conservatory training, in the hands of this Slovakian musician

Andi Kristins

Andi Kristins, from Reykjavik and living in New York, is a singer, songwriter, and electronic musician

Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass, a singer/songwriter in Burlington, Vermont


Here in Amsterdam there’s a two-piece band

Whom by Fire (previously Caleb)

Whom by Fire (known earlier as Caleb) is a duo hailing from Southend-on-Sea


The Hungarian band Tripes – currently a duo

Yes the Raven

A native of Belfast and a resident

Jennifer Left

Jennifer Dalby, better known as Jennifer Left

Nicolas Jaar and His Friends

Over the last couple of years, Nicolas Jaar has been turning


How to sample outmoded or discarded records from near and far


A trio comprising the Australian Hugo Race and two American counterparts

Jamie N. Commons

With his rough voice and perfect Southern accent in performance


Those who need a refresher course in electronica

Adam Cuthbért

Operating in the intermediate zone

Nöi Kabát

Női Kabát (the term, I’ve learned, means a “woman’s jacket” in Hungarian) is “a dark electronic three piece from London”


Hailing from Toronto, Canada, but moving about frequently

Fynn Farrell

The London singer and songwriter

Andy Lange, Andrew Garcia, Josh Golden, and Chester See

Andy Lange is a pop musician in Los Angeles; a songwriter, a singer, a musician (several instruments), and a producer all in one, he has single-handedly been creating some very pleasing music over the last few years, recently in conjunction with fellow musicians Andrew Garcia, Josh Golden, and Chester See. This playlist aims to showcase his … Continue reading Andy Lange, Andrew Garcia, Josh Golden, and Chester See

Ali Brustofski

Ali Brustofski is a New York singer – her videos, very well filmed, are often set there

Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson, a very young singer in London

Matthew Shlomowitz

A young composer from Adelaide


There are a number of talented a cappella singers

Nostromo 7

Though the name of the band

Samm Bennett et al.

Samm Bennett’s path has led from

Pursuit Grooves

Pursuit Grooves (the multitalented Vanese Smith), known on both sides of the Atlantic

Stephen Dedalus

Stephen Dedalus, a Joycean and a composer

The Musgraves

A new band based somewhere in the Midlands

Patrick Thomas

Hailing from Dallas and currently residing in Nashville

French Cassettes

The band French Cassettes – a group from San Francisco

Daphne Guinness

Known for her couture, the English heiress Daphne Guinness is less often recognized for

The Vagary

In Amsterdam there’s a four-piece band

Nick Pitera

Nick Pitera can emphasize a vocal passage

Garçon Garçon

A new Australian duo

Franck Christoph Yeznikian

This playlist is dedicated to the works of the contemporary classical composer

Dan Tramte

Currently pursuing a doctorate in composition and theory

Pride Weekend Playlists (I)

The first of three playlists d’occasion

Portico Quartet

Jazz in London has been updated by the Portico Quartet

Pride Weekend Playlists (II)

The second of three


A fellow from Kansas who lives in London

Son Lux

One of the most interesting of young composers and musicians in New York

Some Covers of “Applause” (Lady Gaga)

A.P.P.L.A.U.S.E. – spelling out the word

Angélica Negrón

Angélica Negrón is a very active composer in New York

Eli Lieb

Although he’s since moved to Los Angeles, Eli Lieb visits the city in which his musical life began

Jornt Karel

Jornt Karel is a musician and singer located in another corner of this country

Avant la Lettre

A young band from Amsterdam, Avant la Lettre – the name’s French, but they perform entirely in English – has been breaking through this year with a number of live performances for Dutch radio and television, and a first album, Belief.

Daniel Rhode

Together with his friend Adam Cuthbért

New York, Downtown: Cazwell, Peaches, Lepore, and Vine

Here’s a collective playlist that presents some of the music, satire, and humor circulating in one particular corner of downtown New York – the one where Cazwell, Amanda Lepore, and Sherry Vine are to be found (and Peaches too when she’s in town). It includes some of their music, some of their fun self-promotion, and some … Continue reading New York, Downtown: Cazwell, Peaches, Lepore, and Vine

Nguyên Lê

Since the 1980s the Parisian jazz guitarist

Prabhu Edouard

A tabla player and vocalist from southern India who’s made his home in Paris

The Soft Moon

This band makes “music for the end of the world,” and though the term

Lady Gaga Live: Mainly Acoustic

Currently, Lady Gaga is back again on tour in Amsterdam

Luiz Henrique Yudo

Luiz Henrique Yudo is a contemporary classical composer

Giovanni Dettori

A composer in Milan, Giovanni Dettori is well-known for

Valentin Stip

Here is a playlist of some compositions by another associate

Tona Scherchen

Tona Scherchen is a present-day composer whose name, though not unknown

Craig Yopp

Craig Yopp is a singer in Sydney who, in some of his covers at least

Von Rosenthal de la Vegaz

In The Netherlands there’s a DJ who’s in a class all his own


Next week, Gossip is coming to Amsterdam

Michael Kiwanuka

Whether Michael Kiwanuka is letting loose with his band or going solo

Detroit Swindle

Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, an Amsterdam DJ duo specializing in house music

Savage Furs

This is a London band

Jonathan Nichol

Jonathan Nichol plays the saxophone in Billband, but his solo repertoire

Ilpo Jauhiainen

Ilpo Jauhiainen is a cosmopolitan Finn

Ørjan Matre

Ørjan Matre is a young composer in Norway

Neil Jansen

A classically-trained euphonium player

Matthias Rascher

The repertoire of the gifted amateur organist in Knetzgau

The Shures

Once again a trio


This playlist represents a tribute of sorts

“Bizarre Love Triangle”

Today’s encounter with “Love Will Tear Us Apart” was unexpected, and I was struck, but not for the first time, how this song is one of those capable of evoking an entire period even decades later. Then, nearly automatically, I started to hum that other old hit, New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” which is even more … Continue reading “Bizarre Love Triangle”

Nicolas Jaar (II)

This is a second playlist of Nicolas Jaar’s music

Soul Keita

Soul Keita is one of Nicolas Jaar’s colleagues

Stephen Carmichael

Stephen Carmichael (Brisbane, Australia), with his striking performance persona

Ben Carey

A saxophonist, a composer, and an adept of the computer

Landon Gadoci

Singer and pianist from Austin, Texas; one who knows well how to convey inward feeling.


Cornelia (Cornelia Dahlgren) is a young Swedish singer and master of the remix

Bill Ryan

Bill Ryan is a contemporary classical composer, producer, and educator

Brian Petuch

Brian Petuch is a young composer in New York

Telefon Tel Aviv

This playlist features the music of the band


Forestears is a band in Brighton with at least one pun in its name


Knalpot is an Amsterdam band that embraces sound technology yet eschews

Wise Blood

As the name might already suggest

Christophe Ruetsch

Though I chanced upon him to begin with on Soundcloud

17 Hippies

The band 17 Hippies was first formed in the mid-nineties in Berlin

Daisuke Tanabe

A DJ and electronic musician in Tokyo

Stephen Edwards

Stephen Edwards is a young American composer nearly finished with his studies

Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens, of Eugene, Oregon, is a prominent beatboxer

Pride Weekend Playlists (III)

The last of the three

Tiago Braga

A pianist, singer, and – it’s becoming clear – a born presence on stage

Le Peep

Le Peep, an evidently one-off musical collaboration

Chen Zhangyi

In the music of this graduate of