The Soundcloud Playlists

This is a playlist entitled “The Fires of August”:

Here is a playlist of and for the height of the summer 2014:

Three versions and one reversal of Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem” are included in this playlist:

For the travelers among us, here is a playlist to fill the empty hours on the road:

This playlist is full of “Strangelove”:

While this one is for all the “Heavy Metal Lovers” out there:

Here is an aural triptych to mark the end of 2012:

And this is a playlist of some remarkable versions of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle”:

While here is a “Short Playlist” of some works that several musicians have loaded on their Soundcloud pages:

And here is a “Long Playlist” that’s organized similarly:

While this one features songs and thus is especially liable to change frequently:

And this is a longer playlist (“Nocturnes”) including other tracks: