The Audio Playlists

A Short Playlist

The first one.

“Tonight bring all your friends because a group does it better”

A “Heavy Metal Lover” medley for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

Leo Ornstein

A playlist of some works by Leo Ornstein.

Tracks to Travel by

Some pieces of music for acoustic enjoyment while on the road.

The Fires of August

Πόλεμος πάντων μὲν πατήρ ἐστι, πάντων δὲ βασιλεύς, καὶ τοὺς μὲν θεοὺς ἔδειξε τοὺς δὲ ἀνθρώπους, τοὺς μὲν δούλους ἐποίησε τοὺς δὲ ἐλευθέρους. “War is the father of all,” said Heraclitus, and this August, the centennial of the outbreak of the First World War, offers a fitting occasion to reflect upon his dark idea. With … Continue reading The Fires of August


If you like these songs, please repost, share, and whistle the playlist in whole or in part on the internet and on the street.

“Bizarre Love Triangle” (New Order)

This is a second playlist (the first, from a few months back, is on the Youtube channel) featuring some noteworthy covers of that wonderful song from the nineteen-eighties, New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle.” “Every time I think of you I feel shot right through with a bolt of blue.”

“Strangelove” (Depeche Mode)

This is a diverse playlist of various covers, mash-ups, and remixes – each is a homage – of Depeche Mode’s “Strangelove,” which surely remains one of the nineteen-eighties’ best anthems.

“National Anthem” (Lana Del Rey)

These three versions and one reversal of “National Anthem” may when taken together help to flesh out one’s sense of the original song and Del Rey’s own intention or aim – in no small part by virtue of their very divergences.

A Mixtape for Midsummer (July 2014)

Halfway through the year 2014 it is, and thus high time to assemble several remarkable pieces, whether albums, EPs, mixtapes, sets, or single tracks into a summa æstatis in order to explore the varieties of shade and sunlight there are in summertime – including its stillnesses and sadnesses – in search of some musical semi-shelter.

Three Pieces for the End of the Year

A 2012 triptych.

New Order

Sofia Gubaidalina

A Long Playlist

Please feel free to listen to this longer playlist in whole or in part at your leisure.


In its first incarnation at least, this playlist was the work of a night, and it draws its character from the nocturnal hours; please feel free to share it or to keep it for yourself, as you wish.