Nicolas Jaar and His Friends

Over the last couple of years, Nicolas Jaar has been turning the world of house music upside down with his distinctive utilization of existing sound and his exploration of moods that were seldom to be met with on the dance floor before he. along with his friends Nikita Quasim and Soul Keita, forced the door open.

As a DJ he’s performed in clubs throughout North America and Europe and at times in South America as well; this playlist features several of these appearances (which include the debut last year of a band he formed with Dave Harrington called Darkside). The concentration and stamina required of him in this role must be considerable, especially as what he does during those hours is, to a great extent, sheer improvisation – above all in the one lasting around five hours he gave early this year at the Museum of Modern Art/P.S. 1 in New York: it was called “From Scratch.”