About Musicuratum

Welcome to Musicuratum – a website, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands although it does belong to a native speaker of English, and initiated in the middle of 2012, which is paired with several other pages under the same name on Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Facebook, and Gab.

On all of them the immediate aim is to share playlists and other information about a diverse group of musicians, singers, composers, and the like. While the criterion for featuring them is unabashedly one of personal taste, perhaps others, encountering them for the first time in the expository notices or interpretive essays throughout these pages, will be filled with a similar enthusiasm.

Under the masthead on the front page of this website, readers will see the titles and the first few lines of each separate entry, with the most recent placed in the upper left-hand corner of the 3×7 grid; all of these will pop out from the background as the cursor is moved over them. Going in order from left to right across the top row, one finds the previous entries, and likewise in the rows beneath, one comes across those whose date is yet earlier. Underneath the bottommost row, navigation arrows may be found which will take the reader to still older entries (or, conversely, to the more recent ones).

A click on any of these front-page entries will bring the reader to the page containing the full text, and there, towards the top on the right-hand side, one may then click the button in order to return to the front page.

Additional options for navigating through the website are available under the “Texts” menu.

The “Sounds” menu offers links to a number of specially-compiled Soundcloud playlists, while the “Links” menu takes those whose curiosity has been awakened to a dedicated page with indices of numerous websites, including those of various record labels and music festivals. Furthermore, those who want to leave a comment or a remark about the website, may send it via the eponymous menu, and whoever wishes to consult the other Musicuratum sites, can do so by means of the “Siblings” menu. Finally, those readers who would like to study the texts on this website on paper, will find them assembled, apart from a few pieces of ephemera, and prefaced with an introduction, into a book in the form of a PDF file that can be perused by clicking on the “Compendium” menu.

While looking over the articles as given here, every so often readers might notice that some of the visual or audio recordings which I had included initially, subsequently have been removed by their makers (or else by the sites which hosted their work). Of course, over these decisions themselves I have no control, but for my part, generally I’ve let the players stand as empty placeholders, if only because as such they’d remind us how fleeting even music itself is found to be, sometimes.

In devising this website, care has been taken to optimize its appearance and functionality as far as possible for several of the Internet browsers in common use, but, given that the work has been done on the Macintosh system, it will display the best when the Safari browser is utilized.

(Used on occasion as a generic image throughout these pages is a depiction of a musical vest and bow-tie hailing from Tom Sawyer Waistcoats (Ipplepen, Great Britain). By this no copyright infringement is intended. As for the images which, in order to avoid a terminal visual monotony otherwise inherent in this format (or, on occasion, by virtue of their sheer visual interest), are featured on the front page, they generally have been found readily available on the Internet, and as such it’s not usually clear whose images they are, or whether strict copyright restrictions do apply to them; should the photographers or designers find the usage of them not to their liking, they are requested to contact the website: here too no offense has been intended.)